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In preparation and under review

10. Vulis, L., A. Tejedor, I. Zaliapin, J. C. Rowland, and E. Foufoula-Georgiou, Characterization of lake spatial patterns to understand permafrost processes on arctic river deltas, to be submitted

9. Tejedor, A., L. Vulis, H. Ma, C. Broaddus, D. Edmonds, J. Nienhuis, and E. Foufoula-Georgiou, Process-based effective resolution of distributary river networks, in prep.

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Peer reviewed publications

5. Broaddus, C., L. Vulis, J. Nienhuis, A. Tejedor, J. Brown, E. Foufoula-Georgiou, and D. A. Edmonds, First order controls on sediment balance determine delta morphology, Geophysical Research Letters, 49, e2022GL100355 doi:10.1029/2022GL100355, 2022.

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